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Due to the increase in elevation, we recommend adding oxygen to your massage. Oxygen has been proven to help with headaches, hangovers, shortness of breath, and altitude sickness. Oxygen is also used to alleviate fatigue and speed up muscle recovery. It can also ease your mind and stabilize your nervous system which can have an overall, calming affect. Oxygen is an excellent choice for guests who are having a hard time adjusting to the altitude or over exerted themselves on the mountain.


You are encouraged to enjoy our unique variety of essential oils & blends during your massage treatment. Essential oils are used to promote relaxation, recovery, and general well-being. The oils are used in addition to the massage oil or lotion, creating a wonderful aroma throughout the session. Our therapists can tailor the oils for you, or you may use your nose on the day of your appointment and choose which oil best resonates with you.


  • CBD salves, body spray and facial serum are crafted in Colorado
  • All products contain natural ingredients
  • CBD is known to help with¬†inflammation and fight aches and pains

Couple’s Massage

Available at the Breckenridge Location only


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