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4-hr Cancellation Policy

Simply Massage requires at least 4 hours notice to move, change, or cancel your appointment. If you cancel within the 4 hours of your appointment, you will be charged for your appointment regardless of the reason.

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Add our natural CBD salve to any massage session and feel instant relief from sore muscles. Our salve is a blend of beeswax and hempseed oil infused with CBD, which nourishes the skin while delivering potent topical pain relief.

Magnesium Oil

Add magnesium oil to your massage and experience enhanced relaxation. This mineral aids in regulating the nervous system, which promotes a better night’s sleep. It is essential for muscle function and can relieve muscular cramps.

Arnica Menthol Balm

Our all-natural arnica menthol balm is a natural alternative to Icy Hot™. The balm contains holistic ingredients which alleviate sore muscles and joints. During your massage, this balm is applied to specific areas to help ease any pain. Menthol provides a warming and cooling sensation to ease inflammation, while arnica promotes healing through increased blood flow to the applied area. Its potent peppermint scent is the perfect pick-me-up if you have congestion or migraines.


Due to the increase in elevation, we recommend adding oxygen to your massage. Oxygen has been proven to help with headaches, hangovers, shortness of breath, and altitude sickness. Oxygen is also used to alleviate fatigue and speed up muscle recovery. It can also ease your mind and stabilize your nervous system which can have an overall, calming affect. Oxygen is an excellent choice for guests who are having a hard time adjusting to the altitude or over exerted themselves on the mountain.


You are encouraged to enjoy our unique variety of essential oils & blends during your massage treatment. Essential oils are used to promote relaxation, recovery, and general well-being. The oils are used in addition to the massage oil or lotion, creating a wonderful aroma throughout the session. Our therapists can tailor the oils for you, or you may use your nose on the day of your appointment and choose which oil best resonates with


Cupping Therapy uses small, round suction cups to create negative pressure and mimic the rolling action of Deep Tissue Massage. There are many benefits to receiving a Cupping treatment, including: bringing blood flow to stagnant skin and muscles, lifting connective tissue, separating fused tissue layers & draining lymph to promote a smooth appearance and healthy glow, and softening contracted, tense, and painful muscle tissue. The suction of Cupping Therapy can be catered to the sensitivity of each individual client. Try it today with one of our trained and experienced Massage Therapists!


What They Say

I try to find the local massage places when I travel and I am so glad Simply Massage was recommended to me! I was pleasantly welcomed and put at ease as soon as I walked in the door. The spa is fresh and calming with mountain decor and my favorite part, delightfully warm tables with nice sheets. My massage therapist found my areas of stress and stretched and kneaded them away. I will be back before I leave! So happy!

--Caroline Petters

The ambiance was amazing the moment I walked in and it was quickly followed by not only top notch professionalism but one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced. Highly recommend this place -they match your needs with the right massage therapist which is critical. Money well spent!

--Denise Jacobs

My husband and I have come here for 3 winters and always receive massage at this local day spa. The therapists here do great deep tissue and I love their CBD products. You can’t beat this dependability.

--Lauren Cheatham

My wife and I went in for a couples massage since it was so close to where we were staying and it was absolutely amazing. Jen and Natalie were fantastic! They worked diligently on us the entire time checking on us making sure their pressure wasn’t too much or if we had any problem spots we wanted them to focus on. It was an absolutely fantastic overall experience and we plan on going back again!

--Matt Varville