Hours: Open Daily at 9:00 am
4-hour Cancellation Policy

Simply Clients, your health and well-being along with our employees is our priority.
Covid Protocol: Due to statewide ordinance during the pandemic, all employees and all clients are required to wear a mask at all times when inside our massage studios.

Avon- now open regular hours
Glenwood- now open, call for availability
Breckenridge – Temporarily open Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Vail- Temporarily closed


Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage: Which Is Best for Me?

Deep Tissue vs Swedish Massage: Which Is Best for Me?

Today's fast-paced world is taking its toll on all of us. Levels of stress, pain, and chronic illness are higher than ever before. While modern medicine has its rightful place, many people are turning to natural, alternative modalities for relief from pain and stress....

What Is CBD Massage (And Why Should I Try It)?

What Is CBD Massage (And Why Should I Try It)?

There's a lot of hype about CBD right now. Now that it's legal in all 50 states, many people are eager to give it a try. And one of the best ways to try CBD is during a massage. What exactly is CBD massage? Is it safe? How will it make you feel? What benefits can you...

Therapist Spotlight: Shinji Tsuji

Therapist Spotlight: Shinji Tsuji

Welcome to the March edition of Simply Massage's Therapist Spotlight! Last month you got to meet Mike Sprinkle, and this month we'll introduce you to our very own Shinji Tsuji. Tell us a little about yourself, Shinji! Shinji: I'm originally from Kyoto, Japan. I've...

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