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4-hr Cancellation Policy

Simply Massage requires at least 4 hours notice to move, change, or cancel your appointment. If you cancel within the 4 hours of your appointment, you will be charged for your appointment regardless of the reason.

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Simply Massage guarantees that you will only have to pay one rate regardless of the type of massage you receive.* It is our mission to keep our great pricing. However, our prices are subject to change without notice. We want to continue to offer our services at a reasonable price while ensuring that our therapists are compensated properly. Please refer to our website for current pricing options, or contact us if you have any questions.

Package pricing cannot combine with any additional discounts.

*One price refers to the modality of massage and does not include add-on services, such as cupping and prenatal massages.

Length of Treatment




Simply Custom Massage




Upgrade your Session!


Breathe in the benefits of essential oil during your treatment. You can choose from a curated selection of blends to boost your mood or calm your mind.

Aromatherapy engages your sense of smell through the application of diluted oils to your skin & diffused oil through the air.


Prenatal Massage

A gentle, nurturing massage for the mother-to-be with specialized cushions for optimal comfort, and extra attention to ankles, feet, lower back, & neck.

*For safety reasons, we can only accept women who are 12+ weeks into their pregnancy. Thank you!*


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is a high-altitude specialty to help visitors adjust to the altitude change. You breathe in pure oxygen from our oxygenator machine while enjoying a full body massage & relief from altitude sickness.



This Ancient Chinese healing modality promotes healthy blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, helping your body process toxins, heal, and recharge. Cupping therapy opens and creates space in the body by applying silicon, glass, or plastic cups onto the skin. The cups are applied to the body using suction and moved along the skin to open and expand the body’s tissues.


CBD/Magnesium/Arnica Menthol

Choose between CBD, Magnesium, or Arnica Menthol salves to be incorporated into your massage.

These natural remedies work through skin absorption which makes them effective for pain management & nervous function. CBD is infused with a blend of beeswax and hemp seed oil which hydrates the skin while delivering potent topical pain relief.

Magnesium lotion offers relief from muscular cramps & assists in the regulation of the nervous system. Arnica Menthol salve uses the anti-inflammatory benefits of arnica and menthol to reduce muscular pain.

Select one of these natural remedies and delight in their healing properties.