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Simply Massage requires at least 4 hours notice to move, change, or cancel your appointment. If you cancel within the 4 hours of your appointment, you will be charged for your appointment regardless of the reason.

Apres Massage at Highline, Vail


Massage Services

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Apres Custom Massage



Apres Custom Massage

Apres Custom Massage is a soothing full-body massage focused on your unique goals. Choose from a range of light to deep pressure, each intended to address different physical needs. You may enjoy the benefits of both a Swedish & Deep Tissue massage to ease your pain and soothe sore muscles.

*Unfortunately, we do not offer couples massages*

Upgrade your Session!


Breathe in the benefits of essential oil during your treatment. You can choose from a curated selection of blends to boost your mood or calm your mind.

Aromatherapy engages your sense of smell through the application of diluted oils to your skin & diffused oil through the air.


Oxygen Therapy

Oxygen Therapy is a high-altitude specialty to help visitors adjust to the altitude change. You breathe in pure oxygen from our oxygenator machine while enjoying a full body massage & relief from altitude sickness.


Prenatal Massage

A gentle, nurturing massage for the mother-to-be with specialized cushions for optimal comfort, and extra attention to ankles, feet, lower back, & neck.

*For safety reasons, we can only accept women who are 12+ weeks into their pregnancy. Thank you!*


CBD/Magnesium/Arnica Menthol

Choose between CBD, Magnesium, or Arnica Menthol salves to be incorporated into your massage.

These natural remedies work through skin absorption which makes them effective for pain management & nervous function. CBD is infused with a blend of beeswax and hemp seed oil which hydrates the skin while delivering potent topical pain relief.

Magnesium lotion offers relief from muscular cramps & assists in the regulation of the nervous system. Arnica Menthol salve uses the anti-inflammatory benefits of arnica and menthol to reduce muscular pain.

Select one of these natural remedies and delight in their healing properties.


Dry Brushing

Dry brushing is a method of exfoliation that utilizes a gentle brush made of wood & naturally derived bristles. A full-body exfoliation that invigorates the skin encouraging blood flow, & lymphatic drainage. Delicate circular motions will make your skin supple & safely remove impurities.


Foot or Hand Paraffin

Treat yourself to a richly moisturizing treatment that utilizes a blend of shea, jojoba & coconut oil combined with heated herbal mitts. Applied at the beginning of treatment, your hands/feet will absorb the aromatic blend to produce silky, supple skin, all while heat eases the extremities.


Warm Scalp Oil Massage

Hydrate your scalp & hair with a nourishing blend of fragrant oils. Intended to moisturize hair follicles while the nutrient-rich blend strengthens the shaft. The oil is heated slightly to melt into the hair & the massage stimulates blood flow to the scalp.


Hot Stone

Warm river stones are used as a conduit of thermotherapy to bring heat into the body, decompressing the muscle to alleviate inflammation & tightness. These stones retain heat to deliver continuous relief, delight in the natural comfort of these smooth heated stones to enhance your massage.



This Ancient Chinese healing modality promotes healthy blood flow and stimulates the lymphatic and immune systems, helping your body process toxins, heal, and recharge. Cupping therapy opens and creates space in the body by applying silicon, glass, or plastic cups onto the skin. The cups are applied to the body using suction and moved along the skin to open and expand the body’s tissues.


Apres Meltdown

The perfect end to an active day. A full body massage that focuses on your feet, and heals your feet with warm body butter, aromatic salt foot scrub, & luxurious paraffin foot mask to revitalize dry achy feet.


Alpine Herbal Poultice

Delight all of your senses with a herbal poultice treatment. Muslin cloth is filled with medicinal herbs and then steamed. This warm compress is applied throughout the body during a massage. Its benefits range from soothing inflammation, or irritation with anti-inflammatory or antiseptic properties, great for all skin types. Breathe in the herbal aroma & delight in the heat of the medicinal compress detoxifying your skin.


Seasonal Premium (80 minutes)

Our Signature massage treatment uses a unique blend of modalities for optimal relaxation. Each season we offer a special premium that compliments the weather for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.
Depending on the season, this can feature modalities such as Aromatherapy, CBD, Hot Stones & more!