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The Best Winter Self-Care Ideas to Boost Mental Health

by | Oct 1, 2022 | Health Tips

Did you know that October 10 is World Mental Health Day?

The World Health Organization (WHO) established this day to raise more awareness of mental health conditions. As you’ll likely agree, though, taking care of our mental health is something we need to think about 365 days a year.

Whether you love the wintertime or you’re dreading it, there’s no doubt that the colder months present some unique challenges to your daily routine — and to your health. How can you take the best possible care of yourself as the days grow shorter?

Here are 20 winter self-care ideas to help you thrive all the way into next spring.

  1. Get outside and exercise (or just take a walk) for 20 minutes each day, even if it’s overcast.
  2. Write in a journal to dump your feelings, organize your thoughts, and clear your mind.
  3. If it’s too cold to exercise outside, try following a free workout video on YouTube at home.
  4. Schedule a regular video chat or weekly game night with faraway friends or family members.
  5. Level up your winter skincare routine and ensure your skin is getting enough moisture.
  6. Treat yourself to a hot drink each evening, whether it’s a cup of tea, hot chocolate, or spiced cider.
  7. Surround yourself with soft lighting in the form of scented candles, string lights, or salt lamps.
  8. Use mood-boosting essential oils (topically or in a diffuser), such as lemon, sweet orange, or sage.
  9. Don’t overindulge in carbs and sweets; stick with healthier options like nuts, berries, and dark chocolate.
  10. Do something creative with your hands, such as knitting, sketching, scrapbooking, or jewelry making.
  11. Adopt the art of hygge in your home by adding warmth and soft textures in every room.
  12. Give yourself permission to occasionally stay in your pajamas and relax at home for the day.
  13. Stock up on your favorite body products and have an at-home “spa day,” complete with a long, luxurious bubble bath.
  14. Schedule your next massage or facial so you have something exciting to look forward to.
  15. Practice gratitude and reflect on the beauty of nature (even if winter isn’t your favorite season).
  16. Do something you’ve been putting off, whether it’s studying a foreign language, decluttering your closet, or perfecting your baking skills.
  17. Increase your happiness by giving to others — volunteer at a shelter, visit a nursing home, or send a heartfelt card to a loved one.
  18. Take five minutes each day to simply sit, practice mindfulness, and be alone with your thoughts.
  19. Think about your goals for next year and then create a plan to achieve those New Year’s resolutions.
  20. Adopt some indoor plants that will thrive during the winter months, such as aloe, succulents, or spider plants.

Put These Self-Care Ideas Into Practice This Winter

Whether it’s inside or outside, morning or evening, there’s always a way to relieve stress and boost your health — no matter what the weather is doing outside.

If you’ve been looking to shake up your daily routine, why not try some of the self-care ideas presented above? Many of them are free and take only a few minutes, but they can make a world of difference in the way you look and feel!

Is getting a massage or a facial treatment on your self-care to-do list? Contact us today to schedule your next session at Apres Massage & Facial in West Vail, Colorado.